Led by Rachel Nesvig, the Debut orchestra is a learning group of students and adults with one to three years experience. Repertoire includes music ranging from classical to contemporary. This is a full orchestra including strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion.

Quick Information

Regular Rehearsals:
  • Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:45 PM 

  • Rehearsals and take place at Chief Sealth High School

  • Concerts take place at Chief Sealth High School Auditorium

  • Concert attire is all black


Placement Auditions for those new to the Debut Orchestra:
  • Musicians new to WSCO or new to the Debut Orchestra are asked to play for the conductor or one of the coaches at the start of the season.

  • Auditions will take place prior to the beginning of each session at Chief Sealth High School

  • Placement auditions by arrangement. To schedule an audition, contact

  • To participate in the Debut Orchestra you should be able to:

  1. Play C, G, D, F and B-flat major scales (one octave)

  2. Play a prepared short excerpt. The "excerpt" can be anything! About 20 measures: from a piece you are currently playing, from a book of etudes, from your friend's clarinet book... whatever you are comfortable performing.

  3. Read music for your instrument

  4. Read and play eighth note rhythms

  5. Strings:

Violin and Viola - play in first position; play in third position recommended

Cello - play in first position; play in fourth position recommended

Bass - be comfortable with shifting

  • Students K-12: FREE!

  • Adult fee: $75 for Fall session, $150 for Winter/Spring session


Conductor: Rachel Nesvig




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